Department of Business Administration

Message From Head

In the age of information technology, today business is highly competitive and dynamic. But in real life situation, organizations rather compete in terms of their quality of leaders who dream beyond the boarder. So, our primary objective would be to develop the competent leaders to lead the global business world to uphold the nation. With this aim, Department of Business Administration designed its Curriculum along with well-organized technical supports, updated and market-oriented courses.


The Academic Curriculum of Department of Business Administration and interaction with its own committed faculty members will definitely help you not only in planning your career objectives but also in determining your responsibilities to achieve your dreams.


Department of Business Administration is devoted to prepare students in a way they can face any challenges and capitalized the opportunities of the dynamic business world. It is true that rewarding business careers await those individuals who are energetic, courageous, skilled, innovative, self-driven and honest.


I believe everyone is brilliant by born and with proper guide any potentiality may lead to great achievements. Join the Department of Business Administration, Z. H. Sikder University of Science & Technology and make your dreams true.


Md. MasudRana

Lecturer & Coordinator

Department of Business Administration

Z. H. Sikder University of Science & Technology